Login with space in username


Quite some time ago, I had made a new character on Terraria and a while ago, wanted to login and play on the Dark Gaming server. However, I forgot the password to my login, so after talking to some moderators on Discord, I got it reset, but then I had another problem; logging in. I am not sure how to log in to a character with a space in the name. I talked to the moderators and they suggested using “” and ‘’, neither worked, so I also tried <>, (), and [], none of them worked, after that they said that they didn’t know how else to login. So now I have the username and password, I just need to know how to login to the server with a username that has a space in it, because every time I try, the server says “Login Failed.”. So if anyone knows an answer, do not hesitate to say. (BTW, I tried to create another account but the server said “You already have an account, God of Magic (The character name I used to make the account), use that instead to login.” ). Thanks!

Believe this was resolved on the server discord
Message link: https://discordapp.com/channels/459819294730092555/459819294730092557/644652000407060480