Logic Sensors Disappearing

Ok, now this is even weirder. On both mobile and PC, on build, every time, my in game account name is yems, if you place a Logic Sensor (Player Above) then rejoin build, it disappears. Also said in my previous topic, the logic sensor doesn’t actually work when the player is above it. Are player above logic sensors broken in build? And if so, why?

When I place the logic sensor :

When I try to use the logic sensor :
(Not activated)

When I rejoin :


I know there is a bug on Build where you can make furniture tiles “invisible” despite them actually being there. If you leave and rejoin Build subsequently, the piece of furniture will become visible again.

Conversely, there is another bug where you can place a “phantom” piece of furniture which appears visible but is actually not there. Once you relog, the furniture tiles disappear.

I’m not sure if your case has anything to do with the aforementioned bugs, but they are of a similar nature.


It has something to do with the second bug. I tested a few things with 0re0, and whenever you place a logic sensor on build, it is only placed on your client, not the server. Nobody else can see the logic sensor. That’s why when you log back into build (which didn’t actually have the logic sensor to begin with), it seems as though it disappeared.

I think it doesn’t activate because the server’s not sending data that it’s activated because it doesn’t exist on the servers side, based on my knowledge of servers and stuff.