[Locked] ZzUltimatezZ's Moderator Application

You must:

  • Have some experience as a staff member
  • Know basic tShock commands
  • Be mature
  • Have an equal opinion as to look at both sides of something
  • Have a Verified In-game account
  • Already have the Helper Staff Rank
  • Have attended 3 Training Sessions
  • Have at least 2 weeks experience as a Helper (Collectively)*
  • Know the meaning of life
    *A days experience is measured by 1 hour of in-game time at least. If you are on for less than 1 full hour (you have to actively be playing), then that day does not count towards your experience

[Q1] Name

Miguel Rivera

[Q2] IGN (In-game name)


[Q3] Why you want to be a Moderator (At least 150 Words)

I want to become a Moderator because I would like to further help the server in keeping the rule breakers out and to make the server gain more progress. Throughout my experience as a Helper, I have really learned the responsibility of a Helper and I decided that I should go further into the Next Level. I’m also very active on the server so that I can help whenever help is required. Anyone or whoever needs help then I’m the man for it. Now on to the Hackers: I’ve always became annoyed whenever there would be a Hacker on the server and no staff is online to ban the Hacker before he leaves. Filling out the applications for the Hacker takes time and then the Hacker will leave once he knows we’re on to him/her. Hackers are usually always PvPing or fighting bosses and many of you know that I love to PvP, but it is not fun whenever there is a Hacker ruining all the fun in it. If I become a Moderator the /kick,/mute,/ban,/history, and /rollback cmds will be on my side and I will ensure - No Hackers, Cheaters, Trollers, etc. With becoming a Moderator I must be Strong Minded/Mature. I’m usually good at not creating any arguments or making any drama and IF I am in an argument, then I’ll just drop it because there is really no point in arguing. So if there is a hacker arguing with an innocent person, then I’ll backup the innocent person and help him/her drop the argument. I like to joke around and have fun, but I can be mature if I wanted to and since I’ve had a lot of experience playing on this server then I know the responsibilities and the right things to do on the server. I love meeting new people and helping whoever is in need. By giving me the “Powers of Moderator”, I can further help people and to help the server out by keeping out the rule breakers (Hackers).

[Q4] Why I should accept you (at least 50 words)

You should accept me because I’m always active and ready to solve problems or help people. Like I said I love meeting new people and helping them out and I’m good at dropping arguments or solving them. I’ve had a lot of experience playing on the server with Cmds and such. I even have a private server that I usually test cmds so that I get used to using them and I will be ready whenever I’m required to use them. If you accept me then I will ensure to always follow the rules and to help whenever in need.

[Q5] Make up 2 scenario’s, include the chat and any commands you would use

Scenario #1

FUCKBITCH has joined
“FUCKBITCH”, leave the server your name is inappropriate and not allowed. You have 10 secs.
(10 secs have passed and the player hasn’t said a word or left to change his name)
ZzUltimatezZ executed /kick “FUCKBITCH” “Change your name or you will be banned”
FUCKBITCH has left
FUCKBITCH has joined
“FUCKBITCH” No caps or Spam and I thought I told you to change your name
That’s it. 3rd Warning.
ZzUltimatezZ executed /ui FUCKBITCH (To get his Info incase he comes back)
ZzUltimatezZ executed /ban add “FUCKBITCH” Inappropriate Name, Excessive Caps and Spam
FUCKBITCH has left
ZzUltimatezZ executed /ui FUCKINGHACKER (Sees that the IPs are the same)
“FUCKINGHACKER” change your name NOW or you will be BANNED. You got 10 Secs.
(10 secs are up and the player refuses to leave)
ZzUltimatezZ executed /ban addip “ip”

Scenario #2

“MyNameisBob” No caps or Spam please
ZzUltimatezZ executed /tp MyNameisBob
Wow this is quite some grief!
Can you fix it please?? ;(
Sure let’s do this
ZzUltimatezZ executed /history
(Uses Ice Rod on a misplaced block and gets info)
Hm Looks like your house was grieved by “TheUndetectableGriefer” 2 days and 3 hours ago
ZzUltimatezZ executed /rollback TheUndetectableGriefer 3d 300
There you go. Your house is restored!
Wow! Thank you so much! :smiley:
No Problem! :slight_smile:
ZzUltimatezZ executed /ban add TheUndetectableGriefer Grief

[Q6] What will you do to ensure you stay a Moderator? (At least 30 words)

I will ensure staying Moderator by just following the rules of the Moderator. I will always follow the rules, be active, help whoever’s in need, and not abuse my power. I will help anyone in need and keep out anyone who breaks the rules. I promise to be a great and loyal Moderator to dark-gaming.com and most importantly Rofle. :wink:

[Q7] How often can you be on the server and active to help people?

I can pretty much be online most of the day during the weekends, but on school days I can only be online from 5:00 - 7:00 or longer, it depends on what I have for homework and such. I’ll try to get on if there is anyone that needs help or if there are any hackers if no other staff member is on the server. I’m usually online Steam often, but not playing any games. Once I become a Moderator, just message me what is the problem and I’ll see. :wink:

Thanks for Reading :smiley:

Credit goes to ThePunisher for training and helping me to become Mod! :smiley:

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Firstly…[quote=ZzUltimatezZ] “FKB*H”, leave the server your name is inappropriate and not allowed. You have 10 secs. [/quote]In this case censoring the words is unnecessary. You should use the exact player name so they can spot it more easily.


[quote=ZzUltimatezZ]ZzUltimatezZ executed /ui FUCKINGHACKER (Sees that the IPs are the same) [/quote] “/ban add” (which is done by RestBot using the Ban Form) bans their UUID and IP. The name is not used.

Thirdly, you should also know that when and if you become considered for the position, you will be greeted with a Staff Contract. The first Contract will challenge your reliability and dedication. Lastly, there are minor grammar mistakes in your application but none that particularly need addressing.

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Alright I get it now and Yes I’ve read the Moderator Format [sticky] about everything including the Staff Contract. So now I just have to wait and fulfill my duty as a Helper. Thanks for the info!

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