[Locked] Please help

I was banned and i’m not sure why. Although it says i was banned for hacking that is not true because i have neither the brains nor the capability to do so i was simply using my rod of discord to go into the welcome sign. I was banned three days ago or if you don’t get this today then January 29. I was in the welcome sign when i was banned and playing with my brother. I do believe that my ban was unfair because I was not breaking any rules at the time and my other brother who was not even in the welcome sign was also banned so i do believe that it was completely unfair. Lastly I believe I should be unbanned because I was following all of the rules at the time and have been for the entire time I have spent on the server. Thank you for your consideration

You don’t remember who banned you?

It seems that a lot of players have been saying that an admin kept randomly banning people but I wasn’t online at that time so I don’t know if this is true.

The Admin who banned Lucas was Unarmedbox for the reason stated : “hacking”. Unarmedbox will be notified of this Ban Appeal as he is the one who will have to deal with this.

What was the username of the character that was banned?

I said it “Lucas”. For hacking.

it was just “Lucas” ? no random numbers after it or anything?

If I remember correctly and if this was even the same Lucas that I banned someone said that you were in the arena with Plantera directly ontop of you and you weren’t dying so I warped you to a location and used the kill command on you several times and you didn’t die (I could see the damage counter and your health just not moving) So I banned you. Although, I have no idea who your brother is so a username would be helpful

Keep in mind people, when box bans someone, its for only a good reason.

im not sure if you are talking of me woodchuck1 or my brother lucas or even my other brother Issac15Name but we were all banned for the same unspoken reason of that we were “hacking” which is ridicloouls because we were simply having a good time. Also Warsong the person that box was meaning to ban was lucas3 who most definitally cheating in some way because lucas was not playing at the time of the innicedent. Thank you and box please heed warnings about hacking beforebanning someone FOREVER!

ok i did not know that but im 13 and both of my brothers are 11 and 8 do you realy think we were “hacking”

Well actually it is negotiable. That is why we have ban appeals.

Thats what im trying to do and im sorry if i did somthing agnist the rules but I did not for the record hack in any way shape or form

when he said “that is why we have ban appeals” he means make a new thread in the “ban appeal” section.

When I ban someone I use their full name also that would be only a character ban on pretty sure. And i have not been banning ips so I wouldn’t know why all your other characters couldn’t play. And I don’t just see someone saying oh they are banning and ban you. I move you to a select location and then try to kill. You. If it fails I ban you. Simple.

But you did not try to kill me and if you did then i don’t recall it but none of my other characters can play on the server so it must have been a ip ban because i have tried on my other characters and nothing works.

Also I made my ban appeal and it is at the top of this conversation

Also I made my ban appeal and it is at the top of this conversation

a 13 year old hacking I really doubt that it seems to me like someone made a mistake

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it’s possible for a 13 yr old to hack;they’d just have to be smart.I couldn’t but that don’t mean others couldn’t. i found some guy using god-mode but then he quit and i couldn’t remember his name soooo… wish i had remembered