[Locked] Banned for using developer armor

I forget developer armor on my character sorry about my mistake. :wink:
let me back to the server

If you wish to be unbanned you need to make a ban appeal.and usually wearing deva rumor is a an insta ban, so good luck.

but I forget the dev armor on my character I didnt see to its on my character still
and I dont know how to make ban appeal

If you scroll down on the forums to" terraria server ban appeal" or something along the lines, the format should be in there

please follow the format as I have said over 3 times and others have said it to…

The player has failed to reply with the addition of a proper ban format,
how are we going to un-ban you if you aren’t providing your IGN?
You may open up a new one with a proper format as shown in the URL that KRONOS has
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