Llumi arrows unfair

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Example: luminate arrows

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
Example: I want it to be halfed damage on 92 so it will be 46

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
Example: so that lumi arrows is will get balanced

[Anything else you would like to note]
Example: I really like this weapon and hope that it remains meta!

luminite arrows have a significant drawback: they already have damage taken off and they deal less damage than Venom Arrows. Additionally, they are extremely easy to see and avoid. Alltogether, luminite arrows are decently balanced. Now, if you wanna pick on arrows, pick on Holy Arrows. They are as laggy as hell with most bows in the meta.


HMMM yes holy arrows plus Eventide, Phantasm, or Tsunami equals PAIN

Especially for mobile users.


Luminite arrows are not easy to avoid, they are the hardest arrow to dodge since they have a second attack afterward. Holy arrows are a pain too, but its easy to avoid the stars since the arrows have to hit something to trigger them. When someone uses luminite arrows it pretty much forces you off of them, since you cannot just plow through them and take the hits. Also a lot of players I’ve seen using luminite arrows tend to use it with the tsunami for maximum coverage, and many inexperienced players tend to use what I’ve deemed the “squid” playstyle (they constantly go in reverse, attacking only what is chasing them).

Here is an image showing what I mean lmao:
Lumi Users Be Like


that sort of attack style is what most noobs use with any weapon lol

also, luminite arrows are generally op, i will admit. They are already at 85% damage, but maybe a 10% nerf would be more adequate. While luminite arrows are overpowered, venom arrows should probably be buffed instead to actually grant a decent alternative. idk, just some thoughts.


This is the most amazing representation of a terraria mechanic I’ve ever seen. In layman’s terms.



No reason in nerfing this
Stay at a far range when people spam this because luminite arrows don’t go the full way unlike other arrow varients
Also the secondary luminite projectiles do less damage than the already low damaging luminite arrows


Me when Crystal Vile Shard

I’ma just use a paintball gun for ranged damage because funni

Paintball Gun + Oricalcum set bonus = Fun for the user but rage inducing for the player taking the damage