Little Announcement...?

I just thought I’d let the community know that I’m making yet ANOTHER return.
Recently, the LoL (League of Legends) NA server has moved to Chicago.
This made my ping go from about 30ms to between 65-90ms.
In a game like Terraria it wouldn’t make too much of a difference, but since LoL is mostly played competitively, it kind of throws a wierd curve ball at my face. I’ve just about near stopped playing entirely, opting only to go on just to see if I can get a hold of friends. Due to this, I’ve got a LOT more free time on my hands than I would’ve imagined, and so I’ve decided to pay the Terraria community a visit again.
I might not be so active on the 1st of September, since that’s when I go into highschool, but I’ll still remain active to a fault.

So yea, I’ll be online. Will you?

Really? Such big change in connectivity?

Well at first I didn’t really notice it, until I focused on my ‘csing’
Before the server change I would get about 70-80 cs in 10-12 minutes if I was playing a farm heavy role.
Now I get around 40-60 cs in the same time frame. It severely hampers how much gold I get. Worst case scenario I would go from (presuming every minion is worth 25 gold) about 2000 gold to around 1000 - 1200 gold at 10 minutes. That could give the enemy way more of a gold lead than they would normally get if I had my normal ping.
Yesterday I played an hour long custom game and I did nothing but farm. It really IS a lot more difficult than I expected. I’m just not feeling up to spending 5 more hours farming just to ‘get back to my old self’

Welcome back, Blanc/Sandwich! Good to see you again!

Have you ever tried WTFast?

I haven’t tried WTFast, I did try Razer Cortex, but that just made me lag more.
I’ll try to remember to give that a shot at some point

I used WTFast, it was quite not useful for me as my network is very good
(apart of DCs which are all about the wires that are quite old), but I think that according
to your problem, you’ll need it more than I.