Lift the ban on Hand Warmer

So, the suggestion is rather simple: unban the Hand Warmer. While it allowed to bypass the debuffs given by TShock back 1.2.4 for using/equipping banned items (although the actions were still ignored server-side no matter what), it no longer does so since the introduction of unavoidable “Stoned” debuff in 1.3. Sure, it still blocks off “Frozen” debuff, but it is hugely redundant anyway.

So wait, why exactly should this be in place…? So far it sounds like you want the ban lifted for no reason…
The only real reason to get this to be unbanned would be for vanity uses, and even then, it’s horrid af looking. There are much better gloves in play, that look better as well.

Yet again, why should it be banned? Being banned is not a default state of an item. And it can actually look nice indeed; in fact, the only other gloves that look nice and clean are Titan Gloves, and they have a graphical bug which removes the glove from the other hand.

It’s most likely banned to keep the frozen effect from vanishing when using a banned item. You know how when you get stoned at first, then it wears off and you fall down? That’s because of the frozen. Why it does that and why we should keep it like that is kinda beyond me, as I’m not in charge of that, but that’s why it’s in place. Maybe the stoned debuff can’t be extended beyond 5 seconds…? That’s my guess. Regardless, there’s still no real reason to unban these.

Also, Mech glove, Yoyo glove, and sometimes even the fire gauntlet look nice.

The Frozen debuff is at this point fairly redundant: Stoned and Webbed do the same thing. The only difference between said debuffs is that the Frozen debuff, while active, will have gravity act upon you; you will fall, which quite frankly, is annoying. I’ve been building high in the sky with a mount, when I create too many tile updates and I am hit with a barrage of debuffs, this is of course fine, since it’s reducing server lag. But what’s the point of having me fall down and die of fall damage so that I have to fly back to my build?

I vote for this to be approved, and the Hand Warmer unbanned. Any other opinions on this?

I do support the un-banning of the hand warmer, like Avery said that the falling down part of it is horrible for builders, while I also understand this reduces server lag, it’s almost 10 seconds of pure buff.

I to, vote for this to be approved and the Hand Warmer Unbanned.

Well, Hand Warmer seems to no longer be banned.
It appears that this has been [Approved]!
Thread is now locked as it no longer servers a purpose.