Legoman is back in da house.

Hey, its me, some of you may know me as Legoman, others know me as chenaley. I used to be an admin here and I am visiting for a while. I will be purely on the site because my family deleted terraria off of our pc because I was too obsessed xD. So hey

How you were obsessed with the game if I barely saw you after a while that you left the server
on Steam, dun get it.
Good to hear something from you.

Good to hear from you Lego!

Thanks Connor! Hey man. And @ThePunisher, I do not understand your question, it seems like you are saying I am lying. Please do not accuse me of that, thank you. I was probably the most obsessed kid on the server at the time.

I also have been playing a game called Clash of Clans excessively.

I don’t say those cheap things lol,
just wondered because I barely saw you,
CoC made it look clear tho.

Welcome Back Lego :slight_smile: