LEGO Greg/ Corinth greets you!

Hello Dark Gaming!
I am known as LEGO Greg and Corinth. Here is where I came from:
I was on another server where I am an excelled Builder, when Summy comes along and asks if I could judge his build.
I entered this server and looked at his build, it was pretty cool in my opinion.
What I saw from this server is… unique, different from every server I’ve been too. I plan on building a lot here because the server I originally go to has a map that fills up during the first 24 hours. Despite its small population.
Things to know about me: I am excelled at PvP and Building, and I am good at cracking jokes cracks his knuckles
I live in Texas, USA. My favorite fruit is watermelon (yes, fruit not food. There’s to much food in the world to pick a favorite!) And my favorite sport is American Football.
Nice to meat you!

Welcome to Dark Gaming :smiley:

Welcome to dark gaming :slight_smile:

Welcome to Dark Gaming!

Welcome to DG!




Welcome to the server. Good to see we are getting new people that may actually become regulars.

I’m glad your here… welp Enjoy staying the game bro! Have fun and also Welcome to DG

Good luck trying to survive xD

Welcome to Dark-Gaming! Have fun and enjoy the most unique Terraria Server ever created!