Late and the early

Hello everyone, You might be thinking this thread is pointless and not worth the time and effort and should be deleted. I assure you it is VERY important.


I want to assure everyone I am as active as can be, In the early and late hours of the day that is to say. I spend a total of 4 hours during this cycle and passage of time due to a certain event I’m about to mention. So please do not consider me inactive. Only problem is I’m an insomniac early bird. However this will be fixed in the future. I plan to add at least 2 daylight/normal hours into this mix as the hard parts of structuring the model out of nothing is completely done as of now (I don’t know how they even got the model, But I’m not going to ask so long as it has the game makers stamp of approval. Of which it does in terms of the mentioned model.)

Recently a trailer for bayonetta two was shown…and well a group of fanatics contacted me on skype and asked for my assistance in an unofficial content and game play mod they wish to experience and for me to manufacture. Naturally I accepted…Now one must ask what it is. The mod MIGHT work with Wii-u and will CERTAINLY work with PC, It will grant the player the option to replace bayonetta’s; Speech,Model,Attacks,Dialogues,etc with…Masked lumen. That’s right…MASKED LUMEN. An angelical like figure that can use paradisio with ease and he can even do so much as shape shift (Which will be a feature in my mod). So much hype.


Progress is getting there. I just finished his speed of light ability.