Lag fix idea|Boss Free hour

I’ve noticed from my time playing on the server, that whenever a buttload of bosses spawn (which is pretty often), usually if you want to open a chest… well, it doesn’t work.

I’ve also noticed, that when there are no bosses or just 1 or 2 (depending on which boss[es] are spawned) it is basically a lag free server.

By implementing a “Boss-Free Hour” it would allow people to get what they need (without having to join the mirror server). I think that the time on the server would look a little like this: |More than 3 Bosses(3min)|1-3 Bosses(30min)|Boss Free Hour(60min)|1-3 Bosses(30min)| (Repeat)|
it may take a lot of coding… it may take a few simple commands. but another idea would be to create a different server all together with only free items… and bosses.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread, I hope it gets implemented!

I don’t think the bosses affect the chest lag very much, it’s laggy when there’s more players online and when there’s more players online more bosses are being spawned. I believe the lag is due to the amount of players not the bosses. But what do I know? I could be wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lord avery is right. i was talking to A68 about this and i did a bit of testing. on mirror i spawned tons of bosses and i had the same 12-8fps i normally had. then there was loads of players on main and no bosses and loads of lag.

Lag is delay of internet connection, low FPS means your hardware.
The lag is caused from many bosses and heavy load of players, that’s it.

The chest issue is probably something different. I’m not exactly sure why it happens at the moment, but it will be looked into at some point, or someone else’s version of infinitechests will be put in instead of the updated version that is in that the moment.

Maybe Ping. idk just throwing it out there

Perhaps we should lower the maximum players? Just a suggestion… :I

Yea, I agree with that. Maybe another idea would be to lower the player count, and maybe add a third mirror, or something else along those lines. I imagine it would be rather difficult, and tedious, but if it would smoothen out the lag issues, it would probably be worth it.

We can’t add more mirrors. The VPS doesn’t have enough CPU power to sustain such an addition. I recommend that players use Mirror because as far as max FPS goes, for most people it will be pretty smooth. It also has little latency. I’m also thinking about a way of improving players FPS on the main server by having a cmd that simply limits who you can see, what projectiles you can see and so on, in order to ensure that players are playing in an environment that is identical to mirror in terms of players. This won’t do much with latency however.

| Good idea