L is for Late

Howdy, I am new to the forum. :no_mouth:

I mostly played in the zombies gamemode; survival isn’t mobile-friendly (chlorobars and some items aren’t craftable if on mobile). Also, is there a way for me to obtain more than 999 dp – seems like I am stuck at that balance.


Welcome to the forums. You should be able to get past 999 dp fairly easily playing Zombies (preferably hardcore and/or rapid mode) and PvE. Those are my preferred methods to get at least 5000 dp quickly. It is a little difficult to maintain a balance of over 5000 dp if you have a high efficiency level, but I have heard that the economy may be getting adjusted to accommodate a higher balance, we will just have to wait and see. Let me know if you have any other economy/DTP related questions, I may be able to answer them or point you to someone that can.


Hello there!

Also survival is not mobile friendly at all :waaa:
But you can ask some pc players to craft things for you, they are usually accesible with this

also have this apple because i ran out of kiwis :green_apple:

Welcome to da forums!


welcome to the forums dude
i left for that same reason xD that and the fact im credit-poor, so i dont have crew


Oh, it’s you! You helped me on a zombies map once.


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