Kings of Light and Dark


black and white


This is the clans backstory:"After years of fighting enemy lands the kings of Light and dark had risen wishing for destruction of their enemies The cobalt Rebellion and defending their allies This is our symbol (will be built in on the server)



noor748596 [founder and creative director]

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Ummm…noor this counted as spam please stop spamming.

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I’ve edited it Mr.TheAliens

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Noor if you would like this to be a real clan (clans are not fully functional at the moment) then you should improve this thread. Use better punctuation, better grammar, make it longer, explain it in depth and just about *make it look better.

*When I say that I do not mean that you have to use more BBCode.

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bump for any n00bs in clans (not meaning to be mean)

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