KevinPolo.'s Ban Appeal


[Q2] Were you warned before getting banned?:I did not know if I was warned. I was going the website to read the rules because it said to go to a certain link for rules and when i got on i was banned forever.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.: It was fair and not fair at the same time. it was fair because i broke the rules. it was not fair because I was just going to check the website about the rules.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?: You should unban me because i just joined a few minutes ago and i didnt even have a chance to read how not to get banned.

An unfortunate turn of events as you were being warned while you were reading the rules. Our policy here however is that an initial ban, given it is not significant, will grant you one unban. Most of the rules are obvious, some of the rules differ from other servers. Our policy here is that players should not be required to go out of their way to download some modifications for their client in order to keep themselves ‘fair’ when compared with other players.

Therefore, we require you to remove your modifications from your client for the time that you are playing with us. Firstly you will need to provide us with re-assurance that you will not be using a Modified Client while playing on our server, and secondly you must verify that you understand and have read the rules, and agree that any further bans are therein your fault alone.