Just Joined then banned?

Came across this server in a Discord, did everything to join.
Logged in found out I had to wait a few days to /register my Chr.
I Logged out then a bit later I came back to try the Zombies.
I got this Message when I tried to join the server again.


I don’t understand. Who is Malakhi that was banned 07/18/2020 for a Moded Client in Survival? Please help.


i dont know if this is the right answer but i had an issues like this a while ago where my brother go banned and they did an ip ban to stop him from getting back on. this could be why as it affected me too


:thinking: That is definitely helpful to know. But I do not know if that Ban is IP or Like Something Else, mind you i didn’t know of this place or server till yesterday. I was able to connect Multiple times without any issues. it was only later that it popped up, I had only just created this profile, didn’t even read the rules or anything yet, just following the links.
I’m also the only1 that has Steam or any computer in my home… smartphones ect. aside only thing that’s different is the internet, we changed providers recently. i don’t know if that matter tho. Thanks for the response I hope they reply to my Ban ticket soon and it gets resolved. I don’t want to feel like all this was a waist of time and effort.