Jr. Ban Mitigation

A system that kicks the player with 3+ consecutive letters in their names instructing them to make a new character without the letters in the end would mitigate the Jr. bans.

Otherwise, a player could be disabled (stone, webbed, frozen, unable to use chat and cmds) and constantly warned by the server to change their name.

Maybe write following text above Ban in the red box (stroken through text = old text): (Do not hestiate to correct me)

This Ban might be a mistake

There have been reports of users getting this link who are not Jr. If you are one of these people, you are encouraged to appeal so staff can investigate.

If you are getting this ban by mistake, rejoin the server with a name with the following properties:

  1. containing no more than 3 same consecutive characters
  2. consisting not only out of capital letters

If you get this ban despite doing these steps, you are encouraged to contact staff: https://forum.dark-gaming.com/g/moderators


this suggestion is to mitigate bans altogether, and the text you’ve provided acts as if the ban is temporary or inactive upon being granted.

also, ban appeals are how jr. bans are handled.


At the time of suggestion, this was already added as a task. Therefore, I will mark this as duplicate to avoid having to come back to this suggestion.

Either way, this is already listed as “Jr ban showing for random people” on the development timetable: