It won't let me play at all

I joined and it would not let me in saying someone has my same name despite it worked just last night. I changed my name several times it keeps happening. But I think someone did this on purpose because It let me join after changing my name then I saw My old name leave and come back as my new name then I got kicked. I think whoever is doing this is hacking because if I changed My name and came back the person who left copied me and rejoined I was already there but it kicked me instead of them. and its disappointing because now I can’t use survival. :frowning:

Dimensions or Services it affects
The Server Itself Entirely
Your in-game account name
No One…
How often it happens
every time I join (it occasionally lets me in then kicks me)


Well its not unexpected considering that there are allot of players in the server.
Did you have any conflict regarding about your name? Why not change it if possible to something new but also similar? I dont want to force you onto making such an Important decision, Its really up to you or the other player(with your name). Im not a staff but Im here to give my helping hand and Opinion regarding on the problem you are encountering, if anything doesn’t work please wait for the DG staff to answer your call of assistance they are currently fixing some issues regarding the server and its webpages momentarily.

P.s: I also encounter some players that half resembled my name “Kei” thats why mines more unique having a “Gu” so that we cant have this kinds of mistakes. All in all hoping we can become friends! Stay safe!


May I ask if the player that has your name is actually playing? If not we can also take into account “Ghost players”, because of the huge server lag, and desync thats happening in the server many players will experience disconnections that may leave their characters as an Afked entity resulting in the player not entering the server, Have you ever got any disconnection? If not, this was just a Theory of mine.


Is this happening the first time you join? It sounds like you’re lagging then disconnecting, and then joining before your other connection disconnects