It won't be fixed anyway ig, just informing


Dimensions or Services it affects
Dtp, forum, phase

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
Always since… Uhh… situation in my country happened

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug
Well, i can explain with words

So basically i can’t login mentioned sites while connected to wifi. I need to use mobile data instead. Everything other works just fine, but these 3 sites can’t load. That is reason why i am being inactive recently. I don’t know is this any wifi, or only mine, but i just can’t, thats it.

What actually happens?

Well, on mobile just very slow, and doesn’t save any of read posts/replies. Ig i can’t create them too. Pc just don’t wanna load none of them, and shows me an error, that site does not respond for too long. Anyway, discord and Terraria working fine, so cya there


I wouldn’t consider this a bug on our side. Everyone else has a fine experience. I suspect your ISP is doing something suspicious or is on the receiving end of something suspicious


uhm, well, now everything works