Is melee better than ranged?

Still new i like melee and ranged class dont know which is better for me


Try them each, it’s ultimately up to you. If you want to do decent damage and get closer to bosses (especially since 1.4.4 is revamping melee with some projectile sowrds such as the True Nights Edge and Exlaiber getting changed and buffs to rue melee), then melee is your friend (and being tanky too, I guess). If you prefer to damage stuff far away, then Ranged is your friend, since most classes have a ranged aspect to theme. Tbh mage is the best in its hm pre-mech (and Twins down for Rainbow rod) due to the amnt of options available in HM, and summoner get a buff, and the post-evil boss Obsdian Outlaw armor is still viable up until post plantera, despite the heavy nerf.


just one word NO, range is anoying as hell when especially when you are playing on mobile dg survival due to the anti cheat. I’d played ranger for like 4 years now and i feel like is really anoying when comes to late hard mode where bullet is more expensive and good arrows are hard to get, and sure ranger is fun when playing on pre hardmode and early hardmode but when comes to post plantera most ranger weapons are most likely to get from events and hard to get

next, melee may hard to start on early hardmode but when comes to post plantera you are a literal god

overall ranger is overrated and is painful when comes to post plantera