Invis Fireball Diabolists


I have been playing a lot of zombies recently with my friend, and we’re noticing that when we get to the rounds where the diabolists spawn (round 15, 16, I haven’t counted) we noticed that the fireballs (and sometimes even the trail) become invisible, which is EXTREMELY annoying since health is vital and we can’t even tell where to run away because we dont know where the fireball is. I assume this is a problem for me because I’m from Europe, and the server is NA, meaning some sort of ms delay causes them to lag out or something, but I’d like some conformation since it’s quite agitating most of the time.



its due to the fact that the entity limit is surpassed, so the game hides the fireballs to show the enemies. there is a suggestion to fix this, which is to just straight up remove diabolists (they are very much hated in Zombies)


no what? particles just hit their limit and dont create new


They’re not actually hidden. The projectiles themselves are invisible, it’s because of the particles they emit that make them visible. The particles have a limit, and if it’s reached no more will spawn, so the fireballs become truly invisible