Internet Relay Chat

On Monday, the server will be offline for a short time period. The server restart is due to an addition to the server; IRC.

This addition is mainly for Staff Members. The whole idea is that Moderation of the chat can be done without being in-game. For some IRC clients, it’s possible to setup a noise that notifies the user when the IRC chat is not in focus and when a specific word is said. For example, if someone says “moderator” (be it in-game or on IRC, in-game messages are relayed to the IRC server via a bot), then the Staff Member can be notified and can switch either to IRC or in-game from whatever it is they are doing, rather than having to stand around doing nothing in-game.

In the meantime, nothing is happening regarding server restarts.

Finally! I look forward to this Rofle, good job and good luck with setting it all up correctly!

That’s a good feature!

The IRC server is setup. If any staff member or trusted user would like to get info on how to connect to the right channel, please PM me somewhere.