Interesting build finds in the PvP dimension

So i got bored today and decided to snoop around the PvP dimension with teleportation potions

I ended up finding a few interesting things, but I mostly found death via death regions

Here’s a collection of things i found

(idk if this is allowed but i’m sure the admins won’t mind)

Flipped Arena

This is an inaccessible old version of the current ffa arena, with the most notable change being that it’s flipped horizontally, plus the upper area is smaller and doesn’t have a regen spot. Interestingly enough, PvP regions are still enabled here.

Halloween Arena

I was only able to get snippets of this arena because all of it was in a death region, but this is the arena that was used for Halloween. It’s entirely red, blue, and purple, and that’s about it. It also still has cart-dashable rails, since those weren’t removed until after Halloween.

Also these signs

Cut-Off Arena

I couldn’t get much from this because it’s entirely death region’d. This looks like another older version of the current arena, but it’s cut off at the top. Also, i found some signs that are probably from the same arena.


Very Old Spawn

This one was certainly an interesting find. By the looks of it, it’s a very old version of PvP’s spawn. The signs on the left include PvP rules and info.

Structure Area

This one was the one that I found the most interesting. I wasn’t able to get the full picture of it because there are death regions scattered around the place, but i did get a decent chunk of it.

This area has all sorts of structures, from islands, to small decoration bits, even a gradient block panel and an amogus. There are even some unused builds, like the crucified Waldo and different versions of a giant skull. One of them is named Bony.


I have no idea what this is or why it’s here.

I also found a couple of other random things, like another slightly altered version of FFA, but they weren’t that interesting.


Nice PVP regions, i tried to do this too but got banned for s5#2 back in april


This is actually a new spawn that was never implemented.

I think the build team generally clones the entire arena, edits it, then sets the spawn to there rather than editing the existing arena. That’s why there are three or four FFAs.