Infinity Fortress Map Overview

Infinity Fortress is a Small-Medium map that is filled with battle-ready spaces. It takes inspiration from a Japanese Cartoon loosely named “Slayer of Demons”, though with some modifications to spice things up.
The map is made in one of the Isometric views called “Cavalier View”, so it adds a bit of uniqueness to the terrain and space.
If it were to be summarized, the map consists of 3 Hallway-like spaces, one is the main center, the second is the bottom with a long straight path, and the third is on top with a bit of parkouring.
There are 2 main classes and 3 weapon chests, and a different potion chest depending on said classes.


Ancient Samurai

Ancient samurai is a melee-based class where you play as a Wack Skeleton Samurai. Ancient Samurai’s weapon of choice consist of blades, throwing knives, and flails, each with its own custom projectile to make it unique.

Magical Kitsune

Magical Kitsune is like the name implies, a Fox with magic powers, this class is a mage-based class where you play as a magical Kitsune. Weapons of choice consist of Magic books, staves, and other magic weapons with their own custom projectile.

Chest location

The weapon chests are located in 3 separate places, one at the center, one at the bottom right, and one at the top left of the map.
The ammo chests are located near an enemy spawn in the bottom left
The armor chest is located beside the top left enemy spawn
The accessory chests are located near the enemy spawn in, two in the bottom left, one in the bottom right, and one in the top left
HP and Mana chest are located beside the armor chest and accessory chest on the top left and bottom right.

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ah thaenk real muches


Got here after playing on this map. I gotta say I love how it looks, the cheap costs of hp, and decent weapons. If only I’m not confused to where I should move next lol

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