Infinite HP hack by Skyruner

On the Terraria Server “Ultimate World V4”, the user Skyruner does not die in pvp, regardless of the immense amounts of damage taken.

Video URL: (Downloading might work better than streaming)
(Sorry for spamming the snowman cannon, I thought it’d help clearly show how much damage Skyruner was taking.)

Some times in the video where you can see the damage amounts clearly exceeding 600 hp (max health+lifeforce potion) are listed below.

Same here, I hit him a lot with my Terra Blade and he isn’t even healing. [b]His health says 600hp or even Higher.[/b]. We ganged on him, some of us used Snowman Cannon.

Ima Going to watch the video… and see if its true CRAPY COMPUTER TAKING SOOO LONG

The Video Makes me want to ban him sooo bad