Infinite HP hack by Skyruner

On the Terraria Server “Ultimate World V4”, the user Skyruner does not die in pvp, regardless of the immense amounts of damage taken.

Video URL: (Downloading might work better than streaming)
(Sorry for spamming the snowman cannon, I thought it’d help clearly show how much damage Skyruner was taking.)

Some times in the video where you can see the damage amounts clearly exceeding 600 hp (max health+lifeforce potion) are listed below.

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Same here, I hit him a lot with my Terra Blade and he isn’t even healing. [b]His health says 600hp or even Higher.[/b]. We ganged on him, some of us used Snowman Cannon.

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Ima Going to watch the video… and see if its true CRAPY COMPUTER TAKING SOOO LONG

The Video Makes me want to ban him sooo bad

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