Indestructible & Inexchangeable Items and Special Inventory for DTP

Add the ability to mark items as indestructible: indestructible items can not be destroyed in any form, including but not limited to, putting them in the trash, using them to extend other items’ lifetimes, and destroying them through the right click menu. Furthermore, items should also be able to be marked as inexchangeable. Inexchangeable items can not flow between players through trade.

Finally, add separate and infinite special inventory for items such as Developer and Moderator items. This inventory could be extended to event items such as the title “Zombie Santa”. The special inventory would serve as a separate storage of special items so that they do not take up normal inventory space. Usually, items which can be put in this special inventory are indestructible and/or inexchangeable.

Indestructible could be used to mark special items such as Developer to prevent them from being accidentally destroyed, while inexchangeable could be used to mark powerful items such as /invasion or /selfname so that they do not easily flow through the economy.

Marked inexchangable by admins? There should already be a field that makes items untradable for things like staff items.


If this gets implemented perhaps you could re-enable the /greet command and mark is as inexchangeable, which was one of the issues back then :eyes:


maybe you could also set your own items as indestructible, kind of like how you can favorite items in terraria to prevent trashing them or having them auto sort


Yeah, admin-only thing