Inconsistencies I noticed with Items Dimension

  • Hexxed Branch, Dark Mage’s Tome, Black Spot and Toy Tank are in Pets New 1 despite not being pets, and among the four only the Black Spot is in Mounts where it should be.
    (Remove these four mounts from the Pets chest and move them to the Mounts chest)

  • Worm Scarf should also be in Protective Accessories like its crimson counterpart.
    (Put the Worm Scarf in Protective Access.)

  • Stake Launcher is found in Bows & Repeaters despite not consuming arrows.
    (Move it to Launchers & Other)
    For some reason, Stake Launcher really is a repeater.


It’s kind of a funny grey area. For reasons only known to whoever programmed the weapon, Stake Launcher can use arrow benefits from the Magic Quiver and its tinkers, Shroomite armor with the Headgear, and the Archery Potion, but it can also use the Rifle Scope, an accessory only used by guns.

Because of the larger arrow benefits as well as the fact that the weapon strongly resembles a crossbow/repeater, it kind of makes sense in the Bows & Repeaters section. That, and the Terraria Wiki says, uh…

Due to its visual and functional similarities, the Stake Launcher is considered a repeater, despite firing Stakes.


Oh, ok. That’s wierd…


Extra stuff since I don’t seem to be able to edit the post: I was unable to locate the Shield of Cthulhu in the Accessories category. Maybe put it inside Movement Acc, because it’s mainly just a dash.

I also can’t seem to find fledgling wings in the wings or the acc category…


There also aren’t ore swords, which I get why most people wouldn’t use, because they don’t really have any functional property besides being a sword, but it’s kind of weird to not see any at all.


I want true Excalibur and true night’s edge, I know they are not really great but still.


They kinda are, but they also are already in the correct chests. (although those chests in question aren’t labelled.)