Implement Buffs from Furniture into the FFA Arena

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Ammo Box, Bewitching Table, Crystal Ball, Sharpening Station, War Table, and Slice of Cake

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
Add these buff stations to the PvP arena or implement their respective buffs as perma-buffs when entering the PvP region. Though, I would argue that adding these furniture items to the arena is redundant and adds a needless layer of tedium to the user experience were these buffs to be integrated into the PvP dimension; that is, I think it’s better to just add them as perma-buffs in the PvP region.

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
Furniture buffs are already accessible via activating them in another dimension (e.g. PvE or Build) and transferring to the PvP dimension. Thus, implementing these buffs directly to PvP makes an already accessible feature more convenient to use.

[Anything else you would like to note]
Is this the right kind of suggestion for this format? Should I have posted this under a different tag?

I believe furniture buffs are not intended for usage in the PvP dimension, and bringing them from other sources can be considered exploiting.


Are you suggesting that there should be measures to counteract having these buffs – such as being stoned in the PvP region?

Also, on a purely practical note, the furniture buffs will only have a minor to irrelevant effect on PvP.

Name Effect Comments
Ammo Box 20% chance not to consume ammo No real gameplay effect, especially with /more.
Bewitched Increase maximum number of minions by 1 Summoner isn’t a viable class in PvP.
Strategist Increase maximum number of sentries by 1 Again, summoner isn’t a viable class.
Clairvoyance +20 maximum mana, +5% magic damage, 2% magic critical strike chance, and -2% mana usage All-around slight bonus for mages. The most relevant buff is +5% magic damage which is comparable to a having another menacing accessory for mages.
Sharpened Increase melee weapons armor penetration by 12 This buffs would function as a slightly weaker Ichor debuff, however – from my own observation – armor penetration does not work in PvP.
Sugar Rush +20% movement speed and +20% mining speed Only effects horizontal ground speed, not flying speed. Thus, its effect on PvP is trivial at best.

I think having Clairvoyance and Sugar Rush integrated naturally into PvP would serve as a small but pleasant boon to PvPers, especially to mages whose weapons now deal a couple more points of damage (around 3 to 6).


There’s no reason for mage to have another (Magic Power) innate damage boost combined with more mana, which is what limits magic weapon spamming.