Imma be gone for a while

I mean the title as I'm gonna be gone from actual server so ur not gonna see player yems, not the dark-gaming website itself. 

 Basically, what happened is that I was tryna figure out how to use tmodloader, and I messed with microsoft .net framework, but that broke Terraria, and since I have windows 10 it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get Terraria back.  So you'll probably only see me in literally 3 years. Yeah, I messed up. But I'll still be doing stuff here and more stuff, so don't worry.
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The main support thread on the official terraria forums has guides on restoring functionality of the dotNET framework. You should go check it out.

Not sure why you would need to change anything with your dotnet framework to get tmodloader working, I don’t recall that being necessary.

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The problem is that I don’t have Microsoft .NET Framework - 4.5.2, and I can’t install them because there’s already a higher version that I can’t uninstall because it comes with the windows ten creator update.

But luck strikes again! I might be getting a new computer due to my brother having spare, so I may come back not in 3 years.

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