I'm not gone, and I never will be.

You’ve ruined my mood today. I didn’t come back for admin. I’ve always been here an I always will. I hadn’t been able to receive connection to the dark-gaming server and forum. I said nice knowing you all because no one wants to give me the correct IP address. How can I be admin without the IP address? I can’t, nice move. If you would have read everything, that would have been really satisfying. I really wish you would understand. But I guess you won’t. I wish I was there all that time, that was a very long absence indeed. Now I feel like I’m just missing out and Losing friends. I’ve been gone so long no one knows who I am. That’s very sad indeed. Why would I come back just for admin? Automatic Deny! Well, I’m sure you know what my intentions are, and that’s to help improve this server, satisfy Dark-gaming members, and to have fun. My intentions aren’t bad nor ever will be. How can you distrust me for such a long absence? I’ve tried and tried to contact you but I couldn’t. Never on the right time, won’t connect, etc. Well Now I have the chance for a comeback. Also, If you won’t accept my request and only request…well, that’s fine. I’m not going to say bad things about your server, grief your server, or hack your server. I’m going to continue to be an admin without the name of an admin. I’m going to continue to help improve this server, continue to make people happy, and to continue to have fun. Admin or not. I’m going to continue my life and lay this aside. Yes, it does also hurt me that you will not accept my one and only request. But, I also will do what I must to earn my Trust that I lost unintentionally. Everyone knows how much it hurts to be denied. I was so close! So, so close! To being a worthy Staff member. Than I lost. Goodbye, beloved friend.

PS: I’m not going to re-apply. I’ve already done that, I shouldn’t have to again due to unintentional absence.

By the way, if you don’t really think I don’t and never deserve to be admin. All to due an unintentional absence, well…you’re wrong. There are people who think I do and don’t, but truth is…I do deserve to be an admin. This is not to persuade you into changing your mind but just to say goodbye. Honestly, You’re missing out on a lot by denying my one and only request. I am fun, caring and loyal. You can’t change that. There are a ton of servers that will accept me, maybe this one doesn’t anymore. I’m going to tell you, when I used to be on, people loved me, asked me questions and never wanted me to log off.

You stated directly that you would leave when you were denied admin again. I’m not sure if I want to believe this.

I didn’t say I’m not coming back, I said that I might be done with dark gaming anyway and nice knowing you all. Is that stating directly that I’m not coming back? No it does not. Also Who are you to decide? You’re only a moderator, you have no more opinion that that of you can share.

Stating you have opinion but you don’t have to share it. This is not for you to decide.

I quote directly from you: "Ah, I see. Well, things have moved on and well I guess I’m done with dark gaming anyway. Good luck. I’ve had fun knowing you and also you know I’m an admin and same person because you sent me a message asking if I’m coming back.

Nice knowing you all."

Yes, this is true, and I would like to have you here again brianna.

Where exactly does it directly stating I’m not coming back?

I was saying true about brianna’s status. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what, You don’t even know me. It’s fine if you believe me or don’t.

It would be easy to give you the original ip I could give it to you if you want?

Yes, that would be Fabulous.

Glad to help!

Brianna you asked me in a PM and I said you can use t.dark-gaming.com as an IP. And Brianna about re-applying: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/staff-inactivity-going-somewhere.422. You left me wondering for too long brianna. You can search my username on google and you will find all of my profiles. There is no excuse for absence of this length.

Also, Rofl did state that you would have to climb the ranks again so I’m pretty sure you can’y just apply for admin right away. What Rofl has stated is 100% true. No excuses. Now that you have the IP hopefully we will be seeing more of you. :smiley:

Who am I to judge when I don’t even know you? But here’s my input, and hopefully some of it will be of assistance:

To my knowledge and understanding, I believe that admins, mods, helpers all share a similar rank. There is no hierarchy as such, rather that the rank given is merely a title for others to understand who they are and their purpose for being. To truly attain “rank” you shouldn’t be seeking to grasp at your old admin status. Instead you should be on the server more, on here more and accumulate the respect of the members. Because in dark gaming, respect is the measure of rank.

I look forward to seeing you around.


Uhm… The IP address for the server IS on the website you know… On the homepage, you click on the ‘Learn More About Our Terraria Server’. The IP’s right there.

I also gave her the server Ip

I still haven’t seen her on… And I had an all-nighter yesterday.

What were you doing?

I was keeping an eye on the server the whole day yesterday on a different char. Nothing really happened. I’ve been on the whole day too.

Problem is whatever IP I use it won’t work.