I'm leaving.

I’m afraid that I am no longer fond of this server and Terraria in general.
And I’m not coming back. Hang on, allow me to reinforce that.

Take a closer look at those screenshots I took when I reported ZteCh.
It will only take a moment.

If you wish to ask further into my leaving by all means add me on steam at: frizzle_cat.

Now that I’ve turned myself in, I bid you all farewell and happy gaming.

Yours Truly,
The Last Nokia

Also, if this is counted as spam, so be it. At least you wont be left guessing.

We will [i]all[/i] miss you. You made great buildings for DG and a great builder like that is not often found. We will miss those buildings of yours. Goodbye Nokia. Had a great time playing on DG with you.

Well, I am disappointed to hear this, you will be missed greatly, and have a good time at what you are doing now.

well,it was good having you :slight_smile:

you where a great person one to remember

You know i respect the choice you made, But you shouldn’t let things get to you. I understand how heartbreaking suicide can be. My friends brother killed himself a few weeks ago. On top of that i lost a dog I’ve had for 13 years last Saturday. Ztech had no right to say what she did to you and it only proved her immaturity. People may try to hurt you but the best thing you can do is brush it off and forget it. I bet Ztech feels worse then you cause she’s banned from a great server. Here’s a phrase i want you to remember, Stick and stones may break my bones but words well never hurt me. Well goodbye and good luck wherever you go.

techkid, words can hurt more than a sword ever can. any weapon or torture really. words may not mean much to some but to others it can hurt more than anything. I learned that the hard way. several people here will agree with me here I bet. the tongue is like a double-edged sword.

Farewell, and know that you will be missed. :frowning:

I feel like I somewhat influinced this in one way or the other so I want to clear this up. If you need someone to talk to about it me, tip, and warsong have all felt the cold grip of death in our lives. If you have any harsh feelings towards me I understand and I am sorry.


Ill probably still float around on the website to check how things are going