I'm back! :)

Hey guys!

It’s butterfly, I’m back! I’m glad to see a few familiar faces (although I’m pretty sure none of you remember me, lol) and it’s nice to see everyone. I may not be on that often; but I look foward to meeting new people and reuniting with old buddies here on the server.
I will be using a character named ‘JuneTheDryad’ to come on the server, as whenever i login to my original character (terrariabutterfly) I am unable to chat and whatever i type does not appear on screen. If you see me, feel free to call me derp, (long story, don’t bother asking about the name) butterfly or june.

Anyways, I’ll see you all on the server at some point!

~your community derp, butterfly :slight_smile:

Good to see you alive once again!!

Haha, thanks! I didn’t think you would remember me!

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Never met you, I look forward to meeting you.
I’m basically a super lazy PvPer who’s trash at building.

Basically, Avery is what I was before I created my own server. He’s a relatively good PvPer, a smartass, and is a lazy staff member :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget my bad spelling :wink:
And don’t get it confused that I’m lazy, AND a Staff member. I’m not particularly lazy when it comes to Staff business (just don’t ask me to make a warp every 20 minutes >,> ).

It’s nice to see all the warm welcomes, thanks for the warm fuzzy feelings! :slight_smile:

Warm fuzzy feeling? Hate to break this to you, but you’re probably dying D:


I seem to be all in one piece so far :stuck_out_tongue: