Identify-Red's Wings & Steampunk

in the last days I was testing a new way to identify red’s wings (The most common use of Dev’s Patch on a modified client)
and I found a solution to identify if the player is wearing Red’s Wings or Steampunk.

We all know the looks of Red’s wings when a player is flying, but its harder (Much harder) when the player isn’t flying.
The Steampunk wings will look like that-

Although, the Red’s wings isn’t much different-

If you will look on the upper part of the wings, you will see the difference:
On the Steampunk wings the upper area isnt too easy to draw, but on the Red’s wing you will have easier time to
draw the upper part of the wings.
If you will notice furthermore than that difference, you will see (like that you see on air-time) that the steampunk parts are bit divided,
when the stock white parts aren’t connected as same as all the other wings.
For last example, the steampunk wings are “lying on the floor” while the Red’s wings are going up from the flood by a way that those
wings looks like a hawk’s face.

Hope this helped.

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ermmm steampunk wings are not banned on the server.

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Neither are red’s wings. ThePunisher even if there was black dye on the steampunk wings it’s still extremely easy to differentiate the two.

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Jon, he’s trying to make sure people don’t get reported/banned for wearing steampunk wings because people report/ban because steampunk look like red’s wings ((Amiright?)) I think, not saying Steampunk wings iz ban

I also agree with Tip they look nothing alike…

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