I would like to report "Mr. Mr. Mister"

The player “Mr. Mr. Mister” is using profanity towards people, and using caps also. Of course I couldn’t do anything, because my chatbox didn’t work.(it was delayed bad) Here are the screenshots, sorry if they are bad, but it’s all I got.

that’s rude of him

This is actually a problem
[b][i]If any staff are reading this I need you to look at those screenshots[/b][/i]

i know. it’s a real prob

It wasn’t Mr.Mr.Mister that did the most. Me and tvolk did some research into it and figured out that it was in fact dashie herself making those lude death messages.

jaspersaywa?! someone made someone say that stuff? and u mean rude dude :stuck_out_tongue:

no; do you know dashie’s forum name?

no. what? u? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Lego, mind adding some BBCode to that url? xD Buy seriously, is he/she getting banned or what? Those were pretty disgusting. Multiple use of caps, too.

We’re working on it

Sorry, I am not smart about “BBcode”.

It’s simple:
[notag]https://google.com[/notag] = https://google.com
As shown in : https://dark-gaming.com/thread/bbcode.100

:stuck_out_tongue: ya it’s not that hard…wapa can’t do it either so don’t feel bad :stuck_out_tongue: