I won't be able to join your terraria server for a LONG time

When i installed tModloader, and entered the game, it showed on the screen but also the tmodloader logo at the top. when i tried to join my world or a server, terraria just crashed. I might have to reinstall terraria. bye.

my display name is [was] Toilet256.

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Delete all the tMod files out of your folder, but do not delete the actual Terraria.exe, it should work

You can download Terraria v1.3.5.3 and move your tMod files in there too.

How do i know which files are tmod? I think it’s crashing because it has some of the tmod files in it and it’s running, and tmodloader only supports right now. I did not delete terraria.exe, because it says it’s version I do still have my terraria players and worlds in different folders, but it says last modified in april, and i created this topic right when it happened. So, i could lose some of my data and progress.

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Also, there’s a Terraria_unknown.exe file in there with version What is it?

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If u wanted to play terraria AND modded terraria (let’s just say it works for, before downloading tModloader you’ve had to make a copy of the normal terraria and rename that to something thats not terraria.exe. What tModloader does is it modifies the actual terraria.exe with its files. However this is not permanent. If you take away everything that starts with “start-tmodloader”, “tmodloader installer”, and “tModloader server”, it should work fine. If it doesn’t, then im wrong and you jsut need to reinstall Terraria.

Also don’t delete Terraria_unknown.exe. Is it in the same file folder with Terraria.exe?

yes terraria unknown is in the same file folder, and when i deleted the start-tmodloader files and installer and tmod server, it still had the normal tmodloader screen… i might have to reinstall terraria. i just want to only play vanilla.

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Also, tmodloader won’t update through steam!!! I can’t press the update button!!

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Hello? Anyone?

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Verify the integrity of your game files, to do this, go to properties > local files


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