I think the server need some Active Staff

I think the server need some more Active sTaff coz i think i was online for about 7 hours in the server but ive only seen the owner online then he log out … for my 7 hours in the server theres 1 mod joined but he didnt last long or stay long in the server i think he just stay for about 30 mins then he go out then ive seen to many Hackes/Using Dev Armor for 7 hours only … i cant stop them all… i can just only say “Plss Dont Use the Dev’s Armor” and then warning them if they dont stop im gonna Report you… but they dont listen… i hope theres more Staff that is active.

One more if you think i want to be Staff And Pretending to be good i just want to help… No i dont want im just Suggesting for the good of the Server … :confused:

I Agree

Yeahh its really right we need more Active staff…

Not necessarily. These people wearing dev armor can always be banned later. People in violation of any rules can always be banned later. There’s no permanent damage ever done on the server.

i just hope some active mods will be on

If you want to contribute as a Member you can always make reports like other people do. This makes sure that the violators get banned.

owwww ok :smiley:

Im online everyday for 5-6hours… And im an administrator…

Conner, you are probably on when I’m asleep because I’ve never seen you online.

I am currently online right now -_-

I’ve never seen you on before that

If you wanna be a staff, make an app :v

Not everyone who are members on site are Crew members in game

Ow, he’s a member? XD

Ever since Conner’s first post I havn’t understood this conversation at all.