I Mysteriously Lost Exactly 1,000 DP

Happened to me on iPad, but could prob happen on all devices

Dimensions or Services it affects
Dark Gaming DTP

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
Just Once

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug
I don’t really have any, it would just be a picture of my current dp level, which is exactly 1,000 less than when before i reloaded it to get the rewards for voting. I had just enacted a trade with Glasia, but I wasn’t giving any dp, so that probably didn’t do anything. I’ve been saving up for a permabuff that finally showed up in my trading inv, and losing that 1,000 dp set me back quite a bit lol. Is this normal?


initiating (creating) a trade takes 500 dp, but i have no idea how it became 1000, did you make a trade twice?
by the way did you mean a /permabuff command came into your dtp shop, i can give you some dp so you can buy that


oh initiating trades cost money, i think i accidently initiated two by accident


Well that’s why; even if you don’t finish the trade you still lose the dp