I.. i have a statement to make after I assumed I got banned

It seems maybe i didnt really get banned.

I am just simply connected to my elder cousins wifi, lately i think he is using VPN and that hindered connections. But i forgot about it and literally thought i was banned.

Today i just entered the server like normal, i was indeed never banned. Im just dumb. But you cant blame me because i am horribly sick. More like im asking you not to blame me, im really siçk now.

Well, the ban that i saw was actually not my ingame name, also that ban was from November of 2020. So… Sorry for the trouble eberryone

This is all my elder cousins fault for using VPN. Now i hacked all his devices and even disabled his VPN. Just joking

Thanks eberryone


Are you sure that there’s only berries?


Oh I forgot to say that I got Owos in there too!



But seriously I felt so disheartened when I thought I got banned again, and for no legal reason at that.

Thankfully it was just a fluke by me