I have a problem with ip blacklist

so… yeah… I have this problem again Unable to access any dimensions I hate it… this is very annoying, Its not working again and I don’t know why. its the same link every time, I don’t know how to fix it pls help I really just wanted to have fun with killing zombies with random people, pls resolve this problem I have no vpn, no proxy, what ever that is and I joined the other port servers like 7776 and 7778 they both worked fine, pls help and solve this problem for me. or just tell me how to fix, if the post format is wrong tell me how to write it correctly


Not a mod but it seems like you are evading your ban. (If answers like that are forbidden, ask me to delete this).

Firstly you told that you cannot find your ban link.

After @Eerie said: Try to rejoin the server in:

you said:

which sounds like you were ban evading.

Then you entered the dimension access error link as a ban link. The dimensional error does not occur in Rift and Items, so server access is not blocked fully with the dimensional error link. A ban link means that you cannot access the server at all but according to the dimensional error you could.

Additionally cursing and IP blacklist do not have a connection. I am referring about the cursing you admitted in Q2 of your ban appeal


yeah that was not the case I was not banned I thought I was but not really my internet Ip was banned in certain times of the day And I dont know why


What messages did you get prior to editing the dimension error link in 2 days ago when you tried to enter the server and when did the ban happen if a ban happened?

You edited the dimension error link in and then, when Eerie asked to try to reenter the server, why did you just say “nvm ip changed” instead of what truly happened?

  1. a ban never happened
  2. I don’t know why it happens
  3. its always the same link
  4. I said it only happens in some parts of the day
  5. changing the ip didn’t actually work so I waited the next day and its working fine

Now it’s clear that you did not get banned. The wording of nvm changed ip sounded like evading a ban.
Sorry for causing mischief and confusion.


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