I got Crew membership after 40days

After consecutively voting for 40 days I’ve finally got Crew.

Wow its quite an achievement I dont know what to say, so for this day Im giving away free stuff.

The consumer is the one to pay the trading price

This is limited only for “2 days maximum”, if you have chosen a something after the 2 days, it will be likely have been trashed
Rarity check: Rarity - Terraria Wiki

Side Note:
Dark gaming trading website is having some issues right now, it may take a while to fix so please be patient

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The green in the first row and fifth column, please, I send trade…


Oh wait! You will pay the trade right?

Honestly this is my first time trading, so is there something I need to expect when you initiate? Like the “dtp.dark-gaming.com says”?

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