I couldn't log in to dark gaming to access my trade

i tried to log in to dark gaming from my computer, but it said i needed the computer link. and it never said on the site “i forgot my password”. and so i tried to register my account again, and now there are 2 Moon Squids and it wont let me into the dark gaming server. could someone pls delete my account so i can re-register it? thank you!

-Moon Squid

What do you mean by computer link?

i fixed it, but i still cant access my trade. it says when i try to log in, it says i must click the link in the verification email, which i have, but i cant even resend it

Which site are you referring to?

Do you have two accounts for https://dtp.dark-gaming.com/ ?
You also forgot your password to your original account on this website?
I am not sure if this will help relieve your issue, but do you remember the password to your in-game Dark Gaming Account (Moon_Squid)? It should use the same password as the one you use for the trading system If you forgot your password, you can always contact an admin in order to reset it. Also, I do not recall the trading system having a two-factor authentification system (unless I am wrong).

do you really think i’m gonna fall for that after playing terraria for 7 years?