I Can't Join

It just says checking ip…:complete how do i fix this

Is your client vanilla? Things like Tmodloader will make you unable to join servers such as this one until it is uninstalled.

wow in fact i just installed tmodloader today
is there any way to still join?


do i have to uninstall?

Yes, it needs to be uninstalled.

Steam library, Right Click Terraria, (Should have a mini popup) go to the bottom, find “Properties”, Click on it, (then there will be 4 tabs) Click on the 3rd(Local Files), Verify Integrity of Game Files


So I am helping my son trying to log back in-he likes to play the survival area. But when he tries to login it keeps commenting back “you already have an account called Goldenreeper45, use that log in”??? We have tried everything-why cant we log in now?

This server mandates the use of only one account. If an account has already been registered with your current computer, you must use that account to login. You’d need to create a new character named “Goldenreeper45” (case-sensitive) or whatever account name is returned when you attempt to /register in /rift and play as that character on survival. Given that it appears it was created on your son’s current computer that’s being used for Terraria, it should automatically login upon joining the server. You can tell by chatting. If you’ve logged in, your chat should be like this image, with blue text and a [Member] prefix. Otherwise if you aren’t logged in, your text will appear white and have a [Guest] prefix.

If you aren’t automatically logged in and you don’t know the password to use in “/login yourpasswordhere” (type without the quotations), respond below your exact account name.
And, if your son does not recall ever having registered an account here ingame, reset your uuid, or your game client’s identifier, by deleting your config.json file and restarting the game.
On Windows it should be located at Documents -> My Games -> Common -> TerrariaTerraria
On MacOS, do command + shift + G in finder to open “Go to folder” and type in ~/Library/Application Support/Terraria

You can also log in under another name(character) using "/login Goldenreeper45 " (also without quotations) this one requires the password specifically

*Only works on non-ssc tshock servers, or only on build, pve, pvp, and zombies.

help im banned cuz i said 1 2 4 4 with dots