I can't be on urgent

We’ll I have some sad and urgent issues to deal with. With family i am sorry I can’t be on much but yes I will hopefully be on

Sad to hear friend. ;.;

yea. well see ya soon?

:frowning: u get a blue balloon… (this is your balloon)

[b](I think he got grounded.) :3[/b]

You can also have that balloon~~> (BALLOON)

Here’s a red one if u want~~> (BALLOON)

[b][i][u]No one gets balloons on this day[/b][/i][/u]

No one gets balloons on this day
agrees with kajit

Y not balloon make everything better!

Hey Wapa, what about not making meaningless threads? You could just pm Rofl about this(if for some reason you really did). Or tell the people who you think may get worried about where you are. Idk I think that would actually be smart. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have recently misplaced my laptop what u have seen so far has been done by xbox

Donuts : Until Tvolk fixes the server, STS has made a temporary one, the IP is: and the port is 7777

Sorry my computer is glitching out.

( Not really I just posted it there so I could remember.)

Lol, odd but ok. :smiley: