I am sincerely sorry for everything i have done

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
Link: Ban

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
My ban on the account “ajreakhg” was false. I will explain below.
On the account “DARKchristmastree” I broke the rules knowingly and I am ashamed of it.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
My first ban, which was on the account ajreakhg was false. I was banned because i supposedly hacked a Meowmere in but the truth is that I found it on the ground and decided to mess around with it. I know that it might sound like a dumb excuse, i dont have any proof of this which really doesnt help my case. My two appeals on this account are very low effort and i am aware of it. My second one was a lie i stupidly used to hopefully get unbanned, i thought that admiting to cheating would get me unbanned, even if i didnt cheat. My second ban, on DARKchristmastree was completely fair, as i used Terraria Tweaker 2, an app that modifies terraria’s code to my advantage. It was a very bad idea to use this app as i later learned it steals personal info.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
First, let me clarify some things. The account Flaregun is owned by me. I have posted multiple low effort ban appeals on that account for DARKchristmastree. I should also say that i have ban evaded. I realize the severity of this now that i have grown more mature and i promise to never do something like this again. I truly have changed, unlike what i stated on my ban appeal for DARKchristmastree, i deeply promise to never cheat, ban evade and lie ever again. I will answer a few questions such as why I have joined the server a few hours ago and how i actually joined, I have downloaded a new pirated copy of terraria, I know that piracy is a crime, I am actually planning on buying terraria when i have enough money, I had hotspot wifi on from playing an online game that required a stable wifi connection, unlike that of my router. I have first joined another terraria server, one that i frequently play on and then i decided to join Dark Gaming, to check if my ban “expired” (it is a permanent ip ban i dont know why i thought it could have expired) and i could actually join the server, bypassing the two ip bans i have on me and unknowingly breaking a rule. I was shocked at first, thought that i actually got unbanned, and joined a zombies game. Thats when i realized that I am still on the wifi from my phone, and immediately closed terraria and went to check on my bans, which were still active. Thats what got me to write this ban appeal. I will answer any questions given to me with full sincerity and I hope to receive a response soon.


Turns out that the person who banned me is no longer a staff member. I dont know what the procedure is in this case but I still hope to receive a response.


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