How to Tank in Every Stage of Survival

Hello Readers, In this guide i will show you how to properly tank in all stages of Survival!

First off, Prepare tanking gear for hm in pre-hm. get a herb farm, obsidian shield, nazar, worm scarf, brain of confusion, and bezoar. stockpile as much money and herbs and water bottles and fish as you
can for potions and reforging. Now after all that is done and hm starts, get gear to tank mech bosses.

for armor get a titanium mask and frost armor for chest and legs. for accecories get ankh shield, frozen turtle shell, star veil, berserkers glove, worm scarf, brain of confusion, and moon charm and get a black spot. for potions (these will last the whole run) get endurance, ironskin, regeneration, wrath, rage, sharpening station, crystal ball (buy in hm) any major food, lifeforce and (optional) luck potion. for arena buffs use campfires, heart lamps, gnomes, bast statues, and place dryad and nurse nearby. for weapons use sergeant united shield and life drain.

now on to the strategies for the mechs. for twins make a box with elevated doors so projectiles cant hit you, put honey and a sofa for regeneration and parry when twins dash. for skeletron prime use the same box. when prime charges get on black spot and circle around box, get back in when prime stops charging and parry when hands attack. for destroyer use the box again and kill probes that come in. when destroyers head comes close start blocking. after one mech is defeated make a hallowed mask for future bosses.

now on to plantera. for armor use hallowed mask for defense or squire helm for regen, turtle chest/squire chest (both give same defense) and squire legs. for accesories use ankh shield, star veil, frozen turtle shell, worm scarf, brain of confusion, berserkers glove and moon charm. for weapons use sus shield and life drain. for arena make a U shape with blocks wide enough for sofa and honey.

now for eol. use same armor as plantera. for accesories use frozen shield, master ninja gear, star veil, worm scarf, brain of confusion, moon charm, hero’s shield and get a broom. for weapons use vampire knifes and sus shield/boti. for arena make about four rows of planter boxes the width of your screen. dodge as much as you can with the broom while using vampire knifes.

for golem, use exact same setup as plantera and use obsidian skin.

on to cultist. for armor use hallowed mask with valhalla chest and legs. for accesories use frozen shield, shiny stone, celestial shell, star veil, master ninja gear, worm scarf and brain of confusion. for arena make a U shape same size as sofa and put honey in it, place platforms and put sofa above the honey. drop down to refresh honey buff just before it wheres off so that merfolk form wont overide werewolf form. DO NOT HIT DECOYS. for weapons use vampire knifes and parry if you are about to get hit by death ball.

on to moon lord. for armor use same as cultist for accesories use same as cultist for arena use same as cultist but make it a box. for weapons use sus shield/boti and use vampire knifes if you dont have moonbite debuff. if there are mage healers you will have the moonbite debuff constantly so just keep blocking and parrying deathray. if you get below 25% hp (200) use nurse.

use heart statues for all bosses.
reforge accesories to warding and vampire knifes to ruthless.
Happy Tanking!


i was gonna make a video on this soon on my channel, so this will help tremendously. thx!


This is off topic. But I love your profile pic poem. Truly inspiring.


I strongly disagree with this section. You should be using the tank beetle armor (25% less dmg tooken),and you should use hero shield in place of frost shield. When you get to 50% of ur up, switch out hero shield for frost shield until ur max hp.


You wouldn’t want your regen from shiny stone to be inturupted by knives, also knives heal only 1-3. Moon bite has a very short delay time, and it is unlikely that you will get more help from knives.


You do not need moon charm or life drain here.

You don’t need damage items, as if you attack, your regen slows down by a ton, so no point for the extra buffs. Also, you don’t need a black spot other than for extra flight outside of battle.

Probes are free i frames from the head.

Just no.

The only part I agree with on this guide is the early game part, but the only ankh mat you need from pre hm is obsidian shield, as you cannot make ankh shield in this server.