How To Introduce More Demand For Tags, Titles, and Colors


  • As of now, there really isn’t any demand for common tags, titles, and colors. Only their exclusive variants, cmds (all demand virtually deriving from survival players), and vanities have any real value within the DTP.

My Solution

  • Introduce collectible sets with bonuses
  • Intrinsically rewards players for seeking/keeping tags, titles, and colors, introducing a reason to collect them

Some Observations / Others

  • Additionally, can there be a new tab or separate depository for tags, titles, and colors to avoid inventory clutter if this is ever implemented?
    • If this feature isn’t implemented, it will incentivize expenditure dedicated to inventory expansion
    • If this feature is added, there are some ways to organize/manage the collectibles
  • If the latter suggestion is added, you can:
    • Introduce a new upgrade tier which can (depending on how the inventory is configured) expand the size or slots of this collectible depository, yet adding another reason to spend DP
    • List and present the collectible sets as achievements/trophies. Essentially you can deposit tags, titles, and colors into this “trophy” page, adding a new aesthetic feature but providing no DP sink.
  • There are other different ideas, and the previously mentioned ideas can be synthesized into other ideas. These are the two main ideas that I want appended to my suggestion.
  • This solution is only temporary, only providing value for tags, titles, and colors when you initially collect them.


  • There needs to be unique rewards for completing sets and collecting tags, titles, and colors which can include:
    • Customization Features
    • Economic/Level Bonuses
    • Access to Commands
  • Some of the subsequent features may not be supported or may not be implemented without damaging the integrity of the systems the server is utilizing. These are just general ideas that will compel players to actually care about tags, titles, and colors

Customization Features

  • Reward players with the option to visually customize their DTP or forum accounts
  • Perhaps introduce gradients, item tags, or any other unique visual in-game
  • Provide the ability to make a color, tag, or title permanent

Economic/Level Bonuses

  • Add a boosting modifier to the gaining of experience or DP
  • Provide access to a new way to earn credits

Access to Commands

  • Give access to new commands
  • Provide inherent access to old commands, so that you do not have to equip it in your DTP to use it

  • Such an overhaul will be daunting to implement, and I do not expect this suggestion to be integrated whatsoever.
  • Nevertheless, I think there is a severe lack of transactions within the DTP. To stimulate this, I think value needs to be artificially affixed to titles, tags, and colors which constitute the majority of articles within the DTP.
  • As of now, these articles are nothing more than fodder to be sacrificed to the color, tag, and title the player decides to use.

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