How to get all achievements using only DG

:purple_circle: survival
:orange_circle: build
:green_circle: items
:heartpulse: pve
:door: rift

Achievement How to do it with DG methods
Timber!! :green_circle: Enter /i {any wood}
Stop! Hammer Time! :green_circle: Enter /i {any hammer}
Heavy Metal :green_circle: enter /i iron anvil or use iron bars and the item crafting stations to craft it
Star Power :green_circle: Enter in items /i mana crystal and use it
Hold on Tight! :green_circle: Enter in items /i {any hook} then equip it
Head in the Clouds :green_circle: enter /i {any wings}
Like a boss :green_circle: enter /i {EOC, EOW, BOC or mechs summons}
Miner for fire :green_circle: Enter /i molten pickaxe
Prismancer :green_circle: enter /i rainbow rod:
Rainbow and unicorn :green_circle: enter /i blessed apple and /i rainbow gun, ride the mount and use the gun
Drax attax :green_circle: enter /i drax
Get a life :green_circle: enter /i life fruit, use it. If you have already 500 hp, visit rift and enter /sethealth 495 to consume the life fruit afterwards.
Fashion statement :green_circle: take in vanity section a vanity set and equip it
Glorious Golden pole :green_circle: enter /i golden fishing pole
Throwing Lines :green_circle: enter /i {any yoyo} and use it
Angler quests achievements :green_circle: Go to angler at the right, interact, enter /i {needed quest item}, interact again, leave and rejoin items. Repeat that 200 times
Sick Throw :green_circle: enter /i terrarian
Dye hard :green_circle: enter /i {any dye} 15 and equip it in all dye slots
The frequent flyer :green_circle: get coins and red potions. Drink the red potion and quickly heal the debuffs away at the nurse. Repeat that until 1 gold is spent
The cavalry :green_circle: enter /i {any mount}
Infinity +1 sword :green_circle: enter /i zenith
Boots of the hero :green_circle: enter /i terraspark boots
You and what army :green_circle: get via /i all stardust armor, necromantic scroll, papyrus scarab and summoning potion and any minion. Summon it 9 times
It’s getting hot in here :orange_circle: enter /warp hell, :heartpulse: enter /warp wof
Ooo Shiny! :orange_circle: Enter /warp sandbox with ore in inv and place and mine it.
Heart Breaker In the coming 1.4.4 :orange_circle: place in sandbox and break it, until now: :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
Extra Shiny :orange_circle: enter sandbox with HM ore and place and break it
You can do it :orange_circle: enter build, wait till night passes away because in Build no mobs spawn
Watch Your Step! :orange_circle: Build up traps, trigger them repeatedly that they kill you
Photosynthesis :orange_circle: enter /warp sandbox, place chlorophyte down, mine it with pickaxe of 200% power
Funkytown :orange_circle: in upper half of sandbox placd enough mushroom grass and mud blocks to get an artificial mushroom biome
Into orbit :orange_circle: fly up to the sky
Rock bottom :orange_circle: use the hellevator at /warp rocean
Vehicular Manslaughter :orange_circle: use minecart tracks and slime statues to kill slimes with the minecart
Bulldozer :orange_circle: In sandbox and ONLY IN SANDBOX break so many blocks as you can. Remember to not break anything outside of sandbox, else an admin will ban you. Repeat that the next days. Sandbox is exception of No Griefing rule.
Lucky break :orange_circle: Get exactly 9 defence and jump at full hp from a 25 + (maxhp/10 -1) blocks tall platform onto hard ground
Quiet neighborhood :orange_circle: place down seven tombstones
Hot Reels :orange_circle: enter /warp hell, seek a lava spot and throw out the fishing line
Jolly Jamboree :orange_circle: place a party center and use it
Dead man tell no tales :orange_circle: Hook dead man chest to traps and trigger it to get killed by the traps
I am Loot! :purple_circle: Like in singleplayer
Smashing, Poppet :purple_circle: Like in singleplayer
Where’s my honey? :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
Dungeon Heist :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
It’s hard :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
Begone evil :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
Heliophobia :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
It can talk? :purple_circle: Like in singleplayer
Temple Raider, Robbing the grave, big booty, Jeepers creepers :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
Hey, listen :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
A rather blustery day :purple_circle: like in singleplayer or less likely in build :orange_circle:
Leading landlord :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
Feeling petty :x: unreachable due to town pets being blocked. May be reachable via :purple_circle: survival when the suggestion Allow Town Pets? is accepted
Til death, archaeologist, pretty in pink, there are some who call him…, deceiver of fools :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
Goblin punter, walk the plank, kill the sun, do you want to slay a snowman, tin foil hatter, baleful harvest, ice scream, sticky situation, bloodbath, Star Destroyer, Hero f Etheria :purple_circle: like in singleplayer
Topped Off :door: Enter /setmana 200 and /sethealth 500
Marathon Medalist :heartpulse: In PVE enter /warp wof, use terraspark boots and walk back and forth about 50 times the whole WOF arena
All boss beating achievements, Don’t dread on me, Gelatin world Tour, Bucket of Bolts, Slayer of Worlds, Mecha Mayhems :heartpulse:(except corrupt bosses, deerclops) beat them in PVE or :purple_circle: participate in the boss fights in survival.

A loadout with many items for item achievements will be created