How to get 7 accessory slots in

So, you might think this is fake, but it’s not. Here’s how to get 7 access. slots: First, decrease your UI scale to 75%. Then, restart terraria and go into any world or server. Boom! you will see 7 accessory slots, and the accessory you place in the slot first will be the only one in the accessory slot without having to do the whole thing again. If you try to change the accessory, when you take the first one out, the slot will disappear and you will not be able to use it without restarting terraria.

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All u have to do is get a demon heart in master mode

(sorry if this is anti climactic :P)

But, this is for classic mode, not journey mode… and not expert mode…

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oh lol, k

But this is nice way to get nice 7th accessory slot.

yeah thank you lol. i figured this out on my own.

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Actually, all you have to do is join the PvE dimension…

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Ye PvE in master mode

and also my UI scale is always on 75%