How to gain popularity in DG?

I have had a similar question for a long time, since 2019. I’ve always been curious about what the founders and people close to them in the service do, but I was often not perceived as serious, as if I was some kind of no-name (although I am). Perhaps many players were also inquired about this issue. And this is not a tutorial, not whining, but just a question. I also wanted to know how people who consider themselves popular have achieved such success, if not difficult, describe your story. I will be very interested to know! Thank you!)

Don’t take it too seriously, this post was created for fun


i’m a very passive person, but being sociable enough and spending enough time on the server has gotten me a comfortable level of reputation. you can’t just do “one thing” to attain popularity in an already small and not strictly formatted community (thus the word “reputation” is better fit for this discussion)

the lack of anything to “achieve” to influence your reputation isn’t a bad thing. in fact, it proves that anyone can just slide in to the community and be recognized as long as they dedicate time to interact and befriend the others

back then it seemed to me like the veteran players and moderators kept their distance from the rest, but with a massive amount of people having left (especially a few toxic ones which established this feeling the most) and new regulars being introduced, there is no better time than to chat with everyone you’d like to.
don’t mistake friend groups as a barrier of popularity, as many of us have known eachother for a long time. just keep your expectations relative to the quaint, small-sized group of people that this server is.

right now rofle and tex are the only admins/developers, and they’re almost always busy with maintenance or updates to the server
dimension managers take on an extra responsibility for the maintenance of their respective dimension
moderators are there to take on the menial work of ridding the server of toxic people and cheaters as well as attending to their ban appeals

being a moderator just requires some sticking around and the trust of the admins/managers, and i would suggest you to consider making an application in the future bc the server’s pretty understaffed atm


A lot of hanks man, really appreciate it! :wink:


mmm for me i started with a map submission, bunch of stupid suggestions and replies, got quite few silences (dont follow my example for this one xd), took a break from dg for a few months and then simply regularly chatted on forums and discord, replying on every post that is zombies related.
Back then, it seemed for me like people (especially Flaef and 1 more that i forgor, but i had (and will probably still have) a lot of conflicts with Flaef remarkably) hate all my “very good ides”. Eventually, i understood why, in fact, they were not good, but by that point, people knew me (probably cuz of my stupid behaviours :/). Basically, i break people in any community into “spheres of influence”, with leaders and not. For example, very early on, I started creating my own sphere of influence, currently known as Dzc (everyone who doesnt know what it is, dont ask), and with that i was able to gain popularity mostly by Nextar, who was very active back then. Currently, my sphere of influence support mostly became inactive, but, since i became a mod + created quite a few maps aka had large chats with Durtle and other mbs, i had moved on, and now, as a community entity, i function almost independently, but still having that sphere, which reassures mutual support of me and others in there, just in case.
However, you dont need all of that to be known. Simply chat is the biggest advice i can give, enter arguments, give suggestions, share thoughts, etc


This exactly what i want to know! Thank you for your reply! :slightly_smiling_face: