How exactly to use/log in Phase?

I’ve been wondering this for a good while. I remember when I was told the IP for phase is but when it found server, it stopped there, never loaded the server/let me in.
Then there is this link,, where I enter my name and password for my registered character in the server, but it permanently loads and goes nowhere.

So what do I do or need to do in order to enter Phase dimension and/or site?

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Quoting off of Rofle from Disc a good bit ago;
Go to -> advanced -> continue or whatever that link is, once it loads the site, try loading phase again
Worked for me back then. Is it still relevant? No clue. There’s also the possibility you’re using t.dark already and not dtp anyways so that’s something to consider

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I have been using dtp. So anyway, I can’t seem to find the “advanced” section in there.

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“Advanced” should be referring to the confirmation thing that comes up, asking whether or not you’ll proceed to t.dark. If you clicked on the link and were directly taken to the actual trading system, chances are you’ve probably done this before, and if so I cant say anything other than try to refresh phase and see what happens

As a side note edit, I just cleared my history to see if this still works, and after getting stuck on the impending loading circle of doom, doing as I described above fixed it, so it should? still work.

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→ Click Proceed to after clicking Advance


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